Rules of Style: Grenson's Tim Little

Joining the English shoe brand Grenson in 2005, Creative Director Tim Little became CEO of the century and half old brand just three years ago this summer. Little joins our latest Rules of Style to provide tips on timeless shopping, the right and specific temperature to wear light attire, and perfect examples of mixing old with new.

Tim Little, creative director and CEO of the century-and-half-old English shoe brand Grenson, upholds traditional manufacturing like the "Goodyear Welted" process, a time-consuming technique from the 1800s that gives the shoes their long life and easy repair.

But to keep up with the trends, Grenson introduced its new G-Lab (pictured below), where you can design you own custom-made pair. If you're visiting London this summer, be sure to check it out at Selfridges, or make an appointment at Little's namesake store. Choose from the company's core range of shoes and boots, made-to-order with your choice of leather, suede, laces, eyelets, and soles.

In the meantime, Details caught up Little for his tips on buying art, wearing loud socks, and precisely how much brown a man should wear at any given time.

1. You don't realize that a man is beautifully dressed until you've been in his company for 15 minutes. If people notice your clothes immediately, you've overdone it.

2. Your socks should never be funnier than you are.

3. Make music part of your life, but if in doubt, only listen to stuff between 1940 and 1970.

4. Don't wear light trousers and a light shirt unless it's at least 30 degrees centigrade (86 Fahrenheit). You can wear light trousers with a dark shirt or vice versa whenever you like.

5. Always have a lovely watch. It doesn't have to be expensive. A vintage 1960s watch from a lesser-known brand can look amazing.

6. When buying art, try buying photography instead of paintings. They are cheaper and often more interesting.

7. Mixing old and new often works really well. A modern room with an iconic vintage chair, for example, or a sharp suit with a bashed up, vintage briefcase always looks wonderful.

8. Never wear too much brown. Twenty-five percent is usually enough.

9. It's a bit obvious, but always spend good money on your shoes and your bed, because if you're not in one, you're in the other.

10. When buying things to wear, try and buy things that you think you will still be able to wear in five years. Timeless clothes are always the most stylish.



New pairs from Grenson's new G-Lab line.

—Andrew Villagomez. Follow him at @AndyVeeNYC

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