Rules of Style: Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon and Carol Lim

Humberto and Carol graciously invited Details to their OC showroom in Chinatown, where we asked them to share their top 10 Rules of Style.

Photograph by Sebastian Kim

Humberto Leon & Carol Lim may never have been busier: They are simultaneously expanding their Opening Ceremony retail empire and transforming the storied house of Kenzo into the latest must-have designer brand. The two style influencers, and business partners, invited Details to their showroom in Manhattan's Chinatown, where we asked them to share their top 10 Rules of Style.

Humberto's Rules:


Switch up your fragrance depending on your mood—a lot, a little, whatever feels right.


Every guy needs that perfect sweatshirt, preferably a Kenzo or Opening Ceremony one. Something you can throw on over anything and feel good it—you can wear it to work, wear it on a plane, anywhere.


Classic to me is something that can read as signature or iconic, and also has an element of function. I think that a letterman jacket is classic; it's a great shape that can come in a ton of different colors or patterns.


Dressing with patterns is about personality. Sometimes more is more, so keep going! I like going all out with patterns.


I've always wanted to be that person who can wear that one outfit, like Christian Bale in American Psycho. In my mind I love that idea, but in reality it might get boring.


Men always have to think about where they're going to put their keys, so everyone should have a great keychain. Men always tend to force their keys in their pockets. Sometimes that's not a great look depending on what you're wearing, or where you're going…

Carol's Rules:


I never just wear clothes specific to a season—summer clothes in the winter, winter clothes in the summer. Wear your favorite things year round. And if you're in New York, that means you have to learn how to layer.


There are items that have a time and a place but can become relevant again later on—that's how you know something is classic.


Every guy needs a good pair of dress shoes. Oftentimes you see someone in a great suit but when you look down at their shoes it's like, "Oh no, something went wrong!"


One thing I've always loved is the ability to mix and match. When we travel, Humberto will always have a suit with him, and sometimes he'll throw on just the trousers with New Balance sneakers and a great sweater. Or the suit jacket over jeans. It's all about being not so strict.

—Todd Plummer. Follow him @toddkingston.

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