Rules of Style: Lucio Castro

Part of the CFDA Incubator 3.0 Class, Argentine-born Lucio Castro shares why you should be wearing cobalt blue, how to step outside your comfort zone when traveling, and what menswear trends should be happening more on the streets.

Photo Credit: Jason Rodgers

Before Argentine-born Lucio Castro established his eponymous brand in 2011—and nabbed a spot in the CFDA Fashion Incubator 3.0 Class (2014-2016)—he honed his skills for creating modern and sophisticated menswear at Marc Jacobs, DKNY Jeans, and A|X Armani Exchange. Castro recently showcased his Fall/Winter 2014 collection during the inaugural New York Men's Day, where he presented a collection inspired by André Gide's 1902 novel The Immoralist (think black cowboy hats and blazers worn over bare chests).

Castro stopped en route to the Galapagos Islands to talk about how to step outside your comfort zone when traveling, why you should try wearing cobalt blue, and what menswear trends he'd like to see more of on the street.

1. Cobalt blue works great with many colors like black, white, grey, khaki, and even navy. Though it's a bright color, it also carries a strong utilitarian background in many cultures, which makes it appropriate for menswear.

2. I like wearing brogues with an informal outfit. I also like the updated denim jacket; it's a big trend in the runways but not yet on the streets.

3. Have a personal mark in mind when styling yourself. Always pick one identifier, something that throws the ensemble slightly off-balance and makes it more personal. Keep it minimal but impactful.

4. My simple essentials are a perfectly fitting white tee, a navy blazer, a bomber jacket, a fine wool suit, chinos that aren't too long or too wide at the hem, a non-graphic hoodie, and of course, a beautifully worn-in pair of jeans that carries your own history—the shape of your body ,the washed-out imprint of your cell phone in your pocket, etc.

5.Step out of your comfort zone when you travel. Leave your resort and walk through the village, maybe get a haircut, eat local food, go to the supermarket just to browse different products; explore and always leave some days unplanned. Usually it's when you're most open that you'll be the most surprised, and these surprises will be the most rewarding part of your trip.

6. The best part about hair is that it's so different for everyone and so visible. It occupies more than half of one's head. This is a great chance to make your hairstyle your very own mark. Try new things, and if you need help talk to a professional who can give you an experienced opinion and a new perspective beyond the frontal view you get from the mirror.

7. In terms of wearing patterns, I start with tone-on-tone textures. They're a fantastic non-solid option and will never be out of style.

8. Keep it simple when layering, and be aware that, depending on the weather, layers do come off. You might have to take off that sweater at noon, so make sure the tee you're wearing underneath it is in line with the image you wanted to portray on that specific day.

9. Develop your own style slowly—very slowly. Don't jump into every trend, but be open to trying new thingsjust be sensitive about how you feel with each specific item.

10. Really listen to how you feel in your clothes. Don't take other people's opinions too seriously.

—Andrew Villagomez is a men's lifestyle and travel writer and a Details Network contributor. Follow him at @AndyVeeNYC.

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