Rules of Style: Designer Todd Snyder

We asked the Todd Snyder about "man jewelry," the importance of a good navy suit, and his utter ire for square-toed shoes.

Photo courtesy of Todd Snyder.

With celebrities wearing his suits, the #menswear boys licking their chops, a CFDA nod (Swarovski nomination for best menswear), plus a CFDA duffel bag collaboration with Details, and big ticket collaborations with GAP and Champion under his belt, Todd Snyder is on fire right now. We asked the in-demand designer to share his top 10 rules of style.

1. It starts with a great shoe. Make sure they're leather-soled. A great pair of Alden wing tips can last 10 years if you re-sole and take care of them. They work equally well with a suit or jeans.

2. A perfectly fitted navy suit is the most versatile thing in a man's wardrobe. It can be worn to almost any occasion from a wedding to an interview.

3. Oscar Wilde once said "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." When in doubt, always dress up for an occasion. You never want to be the schlump who didn't get the memo.

4. Make sure you have great classic pieces in your wardrobe like dark jeans, slim trench coat, and a fitted suit. It will help you expand your outfits.

5. Visit your barber at least once a month. A good haircut makes it that much easier to always look your best and cuts down on getting ready in the morning.

6. Always be a gentleman. Open the door for a lady. Be polite. Get to know wines and how to mix a good drink. It will go a long way.

7. Invest in a watch—it says a lot about you. I bought my first Rolex in 1995 for $5,000. It's now worth $8,000. I wear it everyday. It's "man jewelry."

8. I like to dress tonally in all blues or all greys. It's a very sophisticated look.

9. If you wear a jacket, always wear a pocket square. It says you care.

10. No fucking squared-toe shoes!!!

To learn more about Todd Snyder's collection and upcoming projects, including the Champion collaboration which just hit stores, visit

—Todd Plummer. Follow him at @toddkingston.

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