Sartorially Inclined: The 5 Fashion Tumblrs You Should Be Following Right Now

Self-confessed menswear nerd Lawrence Schlossman rounds up the best menswear style Tumblrs you haven't heard of.


If you pay any attention to style blogging, you've probably sensed a trend: Most of them are moving over to Tumblr. From the big dogs to the little guys, Tumblr is taking a serious bite out of Blogger's and Wordpress' market share. Alas, more blogs on Tumblr means more trash on Tumblr, and no one wants to follow some 17-year-old kid who wears Tommy Hilfiger T-shirts and Gucci sneakers. So, in the interest of keeping shitty shit away from your RSS feed, here are five Tumblrs I really like right now that might not be on your radar.

In no particular order:

Nice Try, Bro (

Who can resist a good call out? Definitely not me, that's for sure. All that shitty shit I was talking about before gets regulated—often hilariously, often poignantly, and often in posts featuring hip-hop references and links to appropriate YouTube videos.

Quality x Sprezzatura (

These are a few of my favorite things—but seriously, if you are a fan of Italian style and products that are correctly identified (GASP! I know, right!), then this should be one of your stops on the information superhighway.

Justin Chung's Photography Blog (

This is a shameless plug and it's not technically a Tumblr, but my friend Justin is so supremely talented, you can't tell me nothing. He works with pretty awesome menswear clients and shoots great street style whenever he has time—which makes for an inspiring blog.

Words For Young Men (

I've never met Chris Black, but the dude seems pretty radical. Random, aesthetically pleasing image boards are a dime a dozen these days, and I normally avoid them like the plague. But WFYM consistently kills—I guess we have similar interests or whatever.

Colonial Goods (

Hong Kong's menswear scene is killing it harder than John Galliano doing stand-up at Himmler's birthday party. The Colonial Goods crew is young, savvy, and at the center of it all. Watch them as they build their brand and drop gems like they dropped out of P.E.

By Lawrence Schlossman

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