Sex, Lies, and Videotape: 2010's Best American Crime Reporting

Congratulations to our very own Kevin Gray, whose story on Helg Sgarbi, "The World's Greatest Con Man" was included in the collection.


Photo: Courtesy of HarperCollins

In a world saturated in fraud, terrorism and scandal someone has to play the watchdog, and The Best American Crime Reporting 2010 is a compilation of this past year's most suspenseful and unforgettable stories of liars, thieves and killers. It is a must read for any true crime connoisseur, and included in this year's collection is our very own story on Helg Sgarbi, the legendary ladies man who used his charm to become one of the world's greatest crooks. In "The World's Greatest Con Man: Helg Sgarbi," Kevin Gray tells the alluring tale of Sgarbi, referred to in the tabloids as the "Swiss Gigolo," who seduced, deceived, and blackmailed his way to becoming a billionaire.

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