Sexy, Sexy Congressman Aaron Schock Strips Down for National Health

We met him when he first hit the Hill. Now he's shirtless for Men's Health.

When we first introduced you to Illinois Representative Aaron Schock in April of 2009, he had just become the youngest Congressman up on the Hill. In our piece, we got the inside info on Schock's path to Congress, how he was settling in, and how his youth — he was only 27 when he was sworn into office — was part of his electoral appeal. He was not, however, shirtless. Now, he's baring his Congressional pecs in the latest issue of Men's Health. Inside, you'll find more on his workout routine, how he hopes to inspire Americans to get in shape, and that hot shirtless pic. Before you grab one, here's a little taste of what you can expect…


So, America, are you inspired yet? (Men's Health via Gawker)

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