Shop Talk: STAG Provisions for Men in Austin, Texas

Find out why STAG Provisions for Men is one of our favorite stores of the moment.

Photo by Casey Dunn, courtesy of STAG Provisions for Men

The best little men's shop in the best little city in Texas.

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Name: STAG Provisions for Men

Location: 1423 South Congress Ave., Austin, Texas; 512-373-7824

Why You'll Love It: Although it's a favorite stop for sartorially minded visitors during SXSW, this three-year-old store is also pure Austin—its walls are adorned with both bowie knives and Bowie albums, and its wing tips are from Frye. Call it Urbane Cowboy.

Stock Watch: A great selection of workwear and casual-modern preppy staples from both cosmopolitan collections (New York's Burkman Bros, Universal Works UK from England, Sweden's Dunderdon) and artisanal American designers (like Nashville's Imogene + Willie ), plus a wide array of accessories, shoes, grooming products, and collectible ephemera.



__ Kinney sunglasses by Garrett Leight, Hitsman gingham tie, Universal Works reefer jacket.

Staff Ethos: "Want a Shiner Bock while you try on those swim trunks?"—Store clerk to author during a recent visit

—Alex Bhattacharji, executive editor at Details

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