Would You Shop for Clothes From a Music Video?

Watch, click, shop.

Just a little over a month after Nowness released a beautiful shoppable video of dancers leaping into and out of designer clothing, the ecommerce site SSENSE, which ran its first shoppable music video last year, has announced that it will continue the series. Tomorrow, the Montreal-based site will debut a music video for Sky Ferreira's single "I Blame Myself" that SSENSE CEO Rami Atallah hopes will "push the boundaries of the e-commerce experience."

"Today, more than ever before, fashion informs music, music informs fashion, and technology informs everything," said System editor-in-chief Jonathan Wingfield. "We hope to reignite the music video as the cultural catalyst for our times."

In 2012 the site partnered with System magazine to create what they billed as the world's first shoppable music video for the FKi, Iggy Azalea, and Diplo song "I Think She Ready" (below). Using a platform called Wirewax to tag the clothes for sale, shoppers can then click any time they see a hovering capital S, which stops the video to show all of the items in that outfit that are available for purchase.

The aforementioned video released by Nowness uses a different platform, called Cinemathique, that lets you shop without interrupting the viewing experience. Just click on a product to add it to a lightbox that you can see by hitting pause, or simply waiting until the end to review all of the things that you can buy.

It's the beginning of what we're sure is a growing trend, and while the platforms could use a little finessing (trying to click on a pair of pants in motion takes some expert mouse skills), the preponderance of videos like this—and the services that support them—are going to change the way we shop.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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