Let It Rock: Singer-Songwriter Kevin Rudolf Drops By

Rudolf stopped by the Details office to talk food, cars, clothes, and crazy reality TV.

Photo: Rachel Rosenblit

The only rock artist signed to Cash Money records (home of Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj), Kevin Rudolf, 28, blasted to the top of the charts in 2008 with "Let It Rock," a bombastic anthem about betrayal and penance featuring Lil Wayne. For his upcoming album, he's gone positively hopeful: See his recent single and ode to optimism, "Don't Give Up."

Rudolf, who recently moved back to New York City from Los Angeles, stopped by the Details office to talk food, cars, clothes, and crazy reality TV.

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What he's listening to: "I think people look at me like I'm a rap-rockin' Cash Money-ish kind of person, but I don't really sit there and listen to that all day. I think there's some cool stuff going on—I like the fact that groups like Fun. and Gotye are having actual pop success. I think it shows that people are more open-minded than they once were."

The one piece of clothing he won't throw away (but never wears): "A fencing jacket I bought when I was 16. It zips up on the side, and I thought it was some really futuristic mod shit that no one had at the time. It was like the fly-est shit ever when I was 16."

NYC must-eats:"Blue Ribbon Sushi for sushi. Aqua Grill for oysters. I used to go to Ed's Lobster Bar, and then I got food poisoning twice in a row—and you can print that—so fuck them. You know what the best place actually is? Go to Eataly and get the branzino—they sell the whole fish—cut it in the middle and add herbs, lemon, salt, and pepper, throw it in the oven for half an hour, and whoever you're serving it to will think you're the best cook in the world."

Favorite reality-show guilty pleasure: "Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic. It's people preparing for the end of the world. It'll be like, 'I'm Sandy, and I'm John. We're preparing for the end of the world!' You go down to their basement and they've got 30 rifles and a greenhouse with their botanical garden for lettuce or whatever. Solar-paneled cars, that kind of shit. Crazy people."

His sweet ride: "My black Ferrari California. [Pictured below.] I'd never driven a Ferrari before. I'd waited about seven months for the car—I had it built from scratch. So I picked it up from the dealership in L.A. at about 6 p.m. on a Friday. It was beautiful, black with red stitching. And then I think I drove it home at about seven miles per hour. There's nothing more frustrating than picking up your new Ferrari and driving seven miles per hour in L.A. traffic."


Photo: Rachel Rosenblit

—Rachel Rosenblit, entertainment editor at Details

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