This Is Why Men Need Concealer

Evolution Man's Conceal & Treat coverup hides and heals blemishes.

Photo courtesy of Evolution Man

Not to get all TMI, but I recently came down with a monster of a zit on my nose, the kind you can't just pretend isn't there and that you basically have to acknowledge in every conversation: "Yeah, don't mind my friend, he's just chilling for a bit." But instead of joking about the problem, I decided to do something about it. I tried a few concealers and quickly found that this one by Evolution Man had a terrific not-too-wet consistency that went on without caking. Plus, it's also got anti-inflammatory properties to speed healing. As one coworker who saw the before and after said, "It's perfect!" I might not go that far, but it's pretty damn good.


— Chen, associate style editor at Details

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