So You're Thinking of Bleaching Your Hair...

7 tips for guys who are considering going blond.

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So, you may have noticed that this week Pete Wentz joined the ranks of his fellow bleached brethren by unveiling a new peroxide-doused 'do on Instagram. As to be expected, the Internet had a collective meltdown, but really the writing's been on the wall for this trend for some time now. Just think: How many guys would already be blond ambition-ing if Gosling's 2013 film The Place Beyond the Pines had a warmer reception? Lots.

More importantly, Gosling didn't look that bad—and Wentz doesn't look terrible, either. He actually looks like he's gone back to his bad boy roots, so to speak, with this unnatural hue of gold on his head.

Putting bleach on your head can be a terrifying proposition—and not just because you're dousing your skull with some pretty intense chemicals—so to help anyone considering flaxen follicles, we've enlisted the help of celebrity stylists Natalia Bruschi and Elle Medico of Paul Labrecque Salon to make sure you're doing it right. Here are their seven tips to ensure that going blond is, in fact, more fun.

  • The darker your skin tone, the more blond hair will highlight your imperfections. If you've got pimples or other visible skin issues, it will make them look more pronounced.
  • If you have thick, curly, or coarse hair, especially if its dark brown or black, you'll likely need more than one process—and that can lead to severe hair damage or just end up turning your head orange.
  • Don't bleach your eyebrows, too. Not only will that hurt your eyes, but it's not like you'll be fooling anyone if you do—they'll know you're a bottle blond. Besides, we checked and bleached eyebrows never have and never will be badass.
  • Using Rogaine? Don't bleach your hair. Balding? Don't bleach your hair. Afraid of losing your lovely locks? Don't bleach your hair.
  • A buzzcut is pretty much the only way to get rid of your newly bleached hair if you're not happy with the results, so make peace with that before you take the platinum plunge.
  • For you guys who've straightened their hair á la Timberlake, don't also bleach it, unless watching your hair fall out in the shower is appealing to you.
  • Follow the instructions on the box. Just kidding. You really shouldn't do this at home. Go to a stylist. That might sound expensive, but bleaching your hair can be harmful if it's not done correctly. Leave it to a professional. Please.

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