The Gym Busters: Caroline Levy Limpert and Neda Talebian Funk

The cofounders of FITiST are replacing the traditional gym with a highly curated network of fitness studios and experts.

Left to right: Caroline Levy Limpert and Neda Talebian Funk

Left to right: Caroline Levy Limpert and Neda Talebian Funk

Home Base: New York City

Year Founded: 2011

Power Stat: The company currently has relationships with 80 fitness studios in New York and Los Angeles.

Frequenting a single gym in 2012 is a lot like listening to songs on an album—old-fashioned. Today's tight-bodied professionals hit the Pilates studio one day and a boot-camp class the next. Realizing this, Neda Talebian Funk and Caroline Levy Limpert launched FITiST. Or you can go the completely custom route where the routine is shaped by the site's experts. According to the founders, this last option is increasingly popular, and this is what makes the system social: You, as an average guy, can interact with people who write best-selling fitness books and train action stars about your workout through this platform.

Why you should resist the unlimited card: "Some studios have the philosophy that all you need is to do their workout five or six days a week. We believe it's important to mix it up, even if it is an awesome workout." —Funk

How L.A. really isn't like New York: "Each neighborhood is a different city. The West Hollywood market is the same as the New York market, but Santa Monica is its own little city. And I do think on the exercise front, L.A. is more diverse. Pilates Plus—Pilates meets cardio meets strength training, all done on the Megaformer—is very popular in L.A. It just came to New York." —Limpert

Why they've tapped the right category: "The market over the last three years—retail, restaurants, or construction—has all been down. But boutique studios and specialty trends are on the rise. I mean, I watched the CrossFit Games on ESPN this past weekend." —Limpert

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Seven-Day Wonder: A Week of Kick-ass Workouts from the Founders of FITiST

Neda Talebian Funk and Caroline Levy Limpert hate health-club monogamy—so they started FITiST, a site that allows members to mix and match classes from the best boutique fitness studios in NYC and L.A. and get customized plans from their roster of celebrity trainers (think David Kirsch and Jay Wright). The body-busting duo polled their experts and put together the one-week regimen.


Performance class—boot camp, interval training, or CrossFit

"This is a great way to kick-start your week—and your metabolism. Interval-training classes such as Barry's Bootcamp will push you outside your comfort zone—and will increase not only your stamina but also your speed and strength." —Funk


Indoor cycling class

"It's a great workout anytime, but we especially recommend spinning after a day of intense pounding on your joints or running. It is a low-impact cardio workout that we can't get enough of. In L.A., we love Cycle House, which just opened last fall." —Limpert


Performance class—boot camp, interval training, or CrossFit

"Wednesday may be hump day, but it's also the best day of the week to really push your metabolism with high-intensity interval training. In L.A., go to Brick CrossFit. Or, in NYC, check out As One or Velocity Sports Performance for a new take on functional fitness." —Limpert


Rest day

"Often underestimated, a rest day is very important. It not only gives you the energy for optimal training sessions on other days, but it also gives your muscles time to repair." —Funk


Fight session

"A fight class is the ultimate way to end the work week. You get out all your tension. Jumping rope is the best calorie burn out there, and your shoulders and core will feel the burn from all the sparring." —Limpert


Indoor cycling class redux—or a run

"Hate indoor cycling? Go for a run outdoors instead. In our minds, there is nothing better for clearing your head, so grab your iPod and run off the week's stress!" —Funk



"Yoga complements the rest of our hard-core program with needed stretching and an emphasis on inner peace. It's also a great way to sweat out Saturday night."—Funk

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