The Aesthetes: David and Jonathan Marcus

The cofounders of and Goodsie have turned the art of building aesthetically pleasing sites into a science

From left to right: Jonathan and David Marcus

From left to right: Jonathan and David Marcus

Home Base: Aventura, Florida

Year Founded: 2009 for; 2011 for Goodsie

Power Stat: Users can integrate 35 different social networks at their page.

If you judged the aesthetics of the Internet by Google and Facebook, you'd think it was a very dull, very boxy place. But the Marcus brothers, aware of the market for rounded corners and pretty fonts, have taken a different approach with their two enterprises. At two-year-old, anyone can create an attractive personal website—incorporating feeds from cool-kid platforms like Behance, Vimeo, and the Hype Machine—in the time it takes to watch a YouTube video. And with their latest undertaking, Goodsie, which launched last April, they're applying the same prettified model to e-commerce, giving online shopping carts like Big Cartel and Shopify a run for their money. As Jonathan explains, "Anyone should be able to build a site that is J. Crew-level quality in a very reasonable amount of time—and do it just by point-and-clicking." As of November, Goodsie sellers can integrate their stores with Facebook, too, proving that the Marcus guys know how to color inside the lines when they have to.

Dealing with the whole Facebook thing: "What was important for us was doing an integration whereby the store looks and feels like it belongs in Facebook. Facebook has its own design language, and one particular challenge is that, with the size of Facebook, their design language is kind of all over. We took a lot of cues from their Timeline [interface]—we wanted to [show] most recent [activity]." —Jonathan

The projects they are not going to take on: "I get a lot of my news on Google Reader, but it's nothing to write home about." —David

"I think if we had more resources, we would probably try and tackle the RSS market. That is one that David's been pretty excited about, but we are not going to." —Jonathan

How the New York tech scene has changed: "I lived in New York from 2003 to 2008. There were no angel investors. There were no start-up, meet-up type things." —Jonathan

"Now there are cool events and get-togethers and conferences that really make it fun—you don't need to be traveling all over." —David

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The cofounders of and Goodsie believe attractive design has a place on the Internet. Namely these five sites:


Encouraging users to share with those close to them, this personal network has "a beautiful user interface and extreme attention to detail."


A major following is growing for this visually focused place to store (and share) all that you unearth on the Internet—a "simple and elegant solution that scales really well."


This stunning platform allows freelancers to manage their work, utilizing "very clean, amazing information design."


A "very unique browsing interface" that relies on scrolling and grids makes the online home of this design firm something special.


Beautifying all of those jumbled social-media feeds, this reader app is "dynamic design done right."

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