André Saraiva on Robert Crumb, Biker Jackets, and Clubland

The creative director, graffiti artist and owner of New York hotspot Le Baron epitomizes perfect style. Here, he shares his thoughts on Robert Crumb, biker jackets, and clubland.

The creative director, graffiti artist, and owner of New York hotspot Le Baron shares lifestyle tips below.

Keep your clothing simple

"My graffiti, drawings, and illustrations are very colorful, but I only wear, like, four colors. There's this documentary about Robert Crumb where he talks about how all his hippie friends wear lots of colors and T-shirts with writing on them, and he says, 'I don't need to be a walking advertisement.' I always remember that."

Nothing beats a biker jacket

"My leather jacket is the symbol of my freedom. It makes me feel tough, but it's also a protective shell. Maybe there's an outlaw thing going on there, too—the look of the fifties."

Or a handmade dress shirt

"Charvet has a big stock of beautiful fabrics. The first time I had enough money, I went there and asked them to put one of my little drawings on the shirt, instead of my initials. They treat me well."

Indulge yourself

"Love is a major motivation for creativity. So are the excesses of life—drugs, alcohol, sex."

Spend time in New York City

"The place constantly forces you to confront other people who do things similar to what you do, so you don't have time to relax in your own little tower. It's where creative, underground people can go and be themselves. There's real diversity too, especially in Chinatown, where you can walk into a building and find Chinese garment workers, and the floor above is a young designer, and the floor above that is an older artist who still has his studio there."

Don't be an asshole (if you want to get into Le Baron)

"Some people arrive in an expensive car and come to the door thinking they can buy their way in. Arrogance is the worst, and it doesn't work. Also, if you're too blonde and too tan, that's not good either."

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