Tastemakers: British Fashion Designers Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford

The father-and-son duo behind the eponymous label Casely-Hayford discuss vintage Levi's, the perfect headphones, and other necessities for getting away in style.

Photograph by Donald Milne.

The London-based father-and-son team behind the eponymous label Casely-Hayford don't literally see eye to eye (at six feet six, Charlie has a good five inches on his dad, Joe), but otherwise the metaphor fits perfectly. They have the same birthday (30 years apart), musical tastes (King Krule is currently on repeat), and enviable aesthetic, evident in their streetwear–meets–Savile Row line, launched in 2009 while Charlie was still studying art history at the Courtauld. When the pair are not jetting off to Japan, where half of their team is based, they're vacationing in Italy or in the Pyrenees, at the home of Joe's brother (British historian Gus Casely-Hayford). Even if you don't have a relative with a European retreat, you can learn a lot from these guys about getting away in style.

What I Wear En Route:

Joe: An unstructured blazer and vintage Levi's 501 jeans from the fifties or sixties. Right now, it's a dark-wash, raw-denim 1968 pair. When it comes to shoes, I wear a lot of British Northampton brands, which are traditional but end up being quite heavy when you're holidaying, so recently I've been wearing black Stan Smith trainers or a nice pair of Foster loafers.

Charlie: In the summer, I wear a different type of suit—our drawstring jersey trousers in black or navy with a basic crewneck T-shirt from Sunspel and one of our unlined, unstructured blazers. It's so comfortable that I fly in it as well.

I Never Leave Home Without:

Joe: A Breitling watch. The one I'm wearing at the moment is a 44-millimeter Chronomat GMT with a heavy steel strap, a black dial, and a dual-time face. We're going to Japan tomorrow, and there's an eight-hour time difference, so this watch is great.

Charlie: Right now, it's over-the-ear Bang & Olufsen headphones. I like exploring foreign cities with music on, because I find that when I'm completely isolated, I take in things a lot more. Pusha T, When Saints Go Machine, and King Krule, which my dad introduced me to, have been in the rotation.

My Style Signifier:

Joe: Ambre Sultan cologne has become my go-to scent. It's a year-round favorite at this point.

Charlie: I've been wearing red socks for years. My top brand right now is Bresciani. You can see me coming from a mile away!

The Holiday Destination:

Joe: We've been going to Italy as a family for many years. We go to Florence, to Tuscany, to Taormina in Sicily. I love Taormina and the San Domenico Palace Hotel especially, because it hasn't changed in decades—a great antidote to the fashion world and everything being super-modern.

Charlie: A couple of times a year, I stay in hotels in London even though I'm from here. I'll take a weekend to chill out, hit the spa and gym, have the great breakfast. The last place I stayed in was the Corinthia, in Whitehall. It's nice to be a tourist in your own city—when you live in London all your life, you overlook things.

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