The 10 Most Brutal Moments in Breaking Bad History

On the eve of the fifth-and-final-season premiere, we've compiled clips of the 10 most disturbing scenes in the show's run.

Fans of AMC's Breaking Bad, which returns for a fifth and final season on Sunday, July 15, will have one last chance to enjoy some of television's most jaw-droppingly creative acts of violence and emotional torment.

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch mild-mannered and desperate Walter White navigate his own private hell and wreak havoc on the world, right smack in the middle of the Albuquerque meth scene. In case you missed some episodes (or if your nostrils simply flare at the chance to re-experience the blood lust), we've collected clips of the 10 most disturbing scenes in the show's run. [Note: This post is chock-full of spoilers.]

• • •

__10. Jesse Cuts Corners Disposing of a Dead Body and Gets a Lesson in Acid 101

__ How come Bill Nye the Science Guy never taught us that disposing of a dead body in a bathtub with a little bit of hydrofluoric acid was such a messy undertaking?

Level of disturbance:4 out of 10

• • •

__9. Walter Falls, Hard, for a Fly in the Lab

__ Directed by Rian Johnson, Season 3's "Fly" episode included this ouch moment.

Level of disturbance:5 out of 10

• • •

__8. The Mexican Drug Cartel Cuts Ties With "El Tortuga" by Chopping Off His Head

__ If there's one thing that Danny Trejo's "Tortuga" character taught us, it's that slow and steady doesn't win the race when you're dealing with a bloodthirsty Mexican drug cartel.

Level of disturbance:6 out of 10

• • •

__7. Heisenberg Introduces Himself to Tuco With a Bang

__ Walter White's enemies quickly learned that when dealing with his stone-faced alter ego, Heisenberg, "bad chemistry" is to be expected.

Level of disturbance:7 out of 10

• • •

6. Gus Exacts Poisonous Revenge on Don Eladio and the Juárez Cartel

Gus Fring proved that revenge is a dish best served cold...and by a swimming pool...and with a bottle of Zafiro Añejo.

Level of disturbance:7.5 out of 10

• • •

__5. Walter Commits His First "Hands On" Kill on Krazy 8

__ In the drug game, getting chained up to a pole with a Kryptonite lock around your neck means it's probably your last go-round.

Level of disturbance:8.5 out of 10

• • •

__4. Jesse Has a Blast With Gale Bedeker

__ Jesse reminded the eager-to-please lab assistant Gale that when it came to cooking meth in Albuquerque, variety wasn't the spice of life.

Level of disturbance: 8.8 out of 10

• • •

__3. Walt Drives Out the Competition With a 50-MPH Death Sentence

__ When Walter sensed that Jesse's need for revenge wasn't going to be sated without ample bloodshed, he delivered a bout of road rage with a Pontiac Aztek and a pistol.

Level of disturbance:9 out of 10

• • •

__ 2. The Bell Tolls and Explodes for Gustavo Fring

__Hector Salamanca's fateful bell punctuated the only answer for what to do with Gustavo Fring.

Level of disturbance: 9.5 out of 10

• • •

__1. Walter White Loses His Marbles Over Missing Money

__ Bryan Cranston's maniacal laughter peppered with a cancerous hacking cough as he lay helplessly under his house—out of money and options—came with a bone-chilling visual representation of a mild-mannered man who had hit rock bottom.

Level of disturbance:10 out of 10

• • •

—Alec Banks

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