Slideshow: The 10 Weirdest Hipster Habitats

The strangest natural environments of that most aloof urban species.

Zooming by on a fixie bike with rolled-up jeans, a flannel shirt, and dead eyes, the wild hipster is easy to spot. But where —other than Brooklyn —does this most curious of urban species go to feast on PBR and rest its unwashed head on screen-printed pillows? Well, we turned to our own department of zoology to track down the 10 weirdest hipster habitats. Enter them at your own peril.


Hipster infestations are a serious threat to public health. For instance, the FDNY had to clear a Brooklyn trailer park completely overrun with the creatures this past April. Frighteningly, the scenesters had developed a startlingly complex warren that included a video sculpture installation, a silk-screening facility, an accordion repair room, and a koi pond.

Photo by Emily Anne Epstein/Metro


A purebred hipster will readily trade comfort for quirkiness and recognition. Angel Hess, for instance, won Gawker's "Hipster of the Year" by living with his girlfriend in a bread truck he bought on eBay. Yes, you read that right. He had a girlfriend.


The famed McKibbin Street warehouse lofts in Brooklyn provide everything a hipster needs to flourish—cohabitation with other like-minded, semi-employed cynics, bedbugs, booze-drenched evenings, and the chance of getting mugged.


Remember when your parents let you camp out at night in the back yard? Well, for the wild hipster, childhood never ends. One of three tent-dwelling college grads who live in the back yard of a Brooklyn home told the New York Post, "We have parents that could give us money to get an apartment, but it's nice to be independent." Let's just hope their diplomas don't get soggy.


Hipsters are so inventive that they've even created their own version of luxury waterfront property—dilapidated houseboats in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal. Despite health warnings that the water is toxic, this aquatic hipster subspecies claims to be living an "off-the-grid," eco-friendly lifestyle. Aren't they adorable?


They're affordable, unusual, and eco-friendly, so what's a hipster not to love? Shipping containers can also be made as portable as you want, which is highly conducive to the vagrant lifestyle.


While hipsters may be too apathetic to be actual pirates, this doesn't stop them from pretending. Although a three-mast ship is a good warren for them, one that sails across the desert is even better.


Hipsters love dead things—taxidermied animals, skulls, Dash Snow. Thus, the Greniers are perfectly content having their bedroom where bodies used to be prepared for viewing and their living room in the chapel where they were displayed.


Seeing as they feed on irony, it's no great surprise to find peace-loving hipsters nesting in a tank. Complete with a DJ, a sound system, and neon-lit treads, the only truly strange thing about this habitat is that it was spied at Burning Man. Maybe they got lost.


Though they naturally loathe lush front lawns, two-car garages, and peace and quiet, a surprising number of hipsters nest in the suburbs. We can't tell if they are living off their parents or have decided that cities are just "so 2007," but this is far and away the strangest place you can spot these tank-top-clad creatures.

By Tania Jachens

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