The $20,000 "Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon" Rosé Champagne by Jeff Koons

Artist Jeff Koons collaborated with Dom Perignon to make a $20,000 sculpture called the "Balloon Venus."

Photo: Courtesy of Dom Perignon

For those who need a little something more than the usual magnum or jeroboam to celebrate, look no further: Dom Pérignon has teamed up with Jeff Koons to create the perfect gift for art-collecting champagne connoisseurs.

Koons has created a curvilinear (some might say voluptuous) humanoid sculpture that opens to reveal a bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003. "Dom Pérignon is an amazing champagne, it really represents the finest quality of what can be created with grapes," Koons told DETAILS. "I try I bring that same quality to my work as far as the experience as a human being, interacting with art and [I] also to try to relay the history of art."

Koon's Balloon Venus is inspired by The Venus of Willendorf, but clearly references the inflatable aesthetic of his Balloon Dog and Rabbit.

The price is a bargain by Koons' standards: Each made-to-order sculpture costs $20,000. Well, at least it comes with a bottle of Dom.

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—Todd Plummer. Follow him at @toddkingston.

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