Diets, Meet Data: 4 Smart New Kitchen Gadgets That Help You Make Better Eating Choices

Because fitness trackers are so last season.

A new wave of nutrient-reading, bite-timing, allergen-scanning devices promise to upgrade your eating habits. These are four of the best.

Prep Pad (above), $149

This kitchen scale made of recycled composite paper does a lot more than just weigh your food. It connects your to iPod via Bluetooth to give you a rundown of your food's nutritional value. Place your grub on the nine-inch pad and enter the type of food (you can choose to text, say the food type aloud, or scan its barcode), and the sleek pad will compare its nutritional value to USDA recommendations and personal diet-plan settings.

• • •


Lapka Organic, $79

Design- and data-savvy, this minimalist USB-shaped block contains a probe that measures the level of nitrates in your food to determine if it was produced organically or with synthetic fertilizers. The iOS app lets you know just how acceptable (or not) those levels are.

• • •


HAPIfork, $99

Guilty of inhaling your meals? This smart-fork monitors how fast you eat, vibrating and lighting up when you take too many bites in too little time. If you're really into tracking, you can plug the utensil into your computer to sync your info to a full Web dashboard.

• • •

TellSpec, $320

The price tag is worth the investment, especially for those with food allergies. Just wave it over your food (you can say abracadabra if you're so inclined) to detect allergens and get reads on nutrients, calories, and ingredients in foods and beverages alike. You can preorder now for delivery in late 2014.

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