Yes, You Can Buy an Island: The Best Under $3 Million

Affordable private isles with castles, bungalows, and villas.

They say no man is an island. Maybe so—but he can sure as hell buy one. There is perhaps no greater luxury than possessing your own private emerald jewel floating in a crystal sea. To make that ultimate fantasy come true, we've scoured shores from the Philippines to Alaska for exotic and posh isles that come at realistic prices. Here's our list of the top 10 private islands available now.


$3 million, 9.4 acres

An oasis worthy of Pharaoh himself rests in Epypt's Lake Siwa. The property's traditional thatched bungalows along the small sandy beach offer shade and a fine place to catch the sunset. A narrow causeway connects to the mainland villages if you want to mingle with the locals.


$357,000, 4 acres

Cool off from a schvitz in the island's waterfront sauna with a plunge into Lake Öjaren. Secluded in the Swedish wilderness, the island's main cottage includes a modern kitchen and sundeck perfect for entertaining on a weekend retreat.


$1 million, 13 acres

Imagine swimming in your personal lagoon enclosed by this ring-shaped island. An abundance of coral life rests next to the more than 7,000 feet of Caribbean coastline, making this property ideal for scuba fans.

$2.19 million, 0.48 acres

Lush green woodlands shade the island's 1,250 square-foot Alaskan waterfront lodge with an in-deck hot tub and steel walkway bridge. The lodge's picture windows offer views of mountain ranges reflecting on rippling waters.


$2.5 million, 15.3 acres

These Caribbean islands rest under the view of a lighthouse designed by architect Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel). Dive into the surrounding waters and—who knows—you may discover treasure from Spanish Armada shipwrecks.


$1.5 million, 0.09 acres

Not far from Sitka Sound, this island's mansion-like lodge looks out on nearby Mt. Edgecumbe. A sleek wooden boardwalk acts as the perfect getaway route to the small guest cabin if the three-bedroom main house gets boring.


$1.27 million, 5 acres

Choose from one of the five boats included in this offering to explore the surrounding lake. Once you have exhausted yourself rowing oars or casting sails, head back to the property's log home for some R&R in its sauna.


$1.7 million, 1.2 acres

Acrophobics look elsewhere. This island's villa and observation deck sit atop a 30-foot rock summit surrounded by Honduras' Sandy Bay. Believe it or not, there's still room left to expand.


$2.9 million, 3,445 acres

For the rugged sportsmen, this escape offers crisp Scotland air, pounding waves, rocky cliffs, and herds of deer and sheep roaming its open fields. Add a bottle of single malt, and it's paradise.


$2 million, 25 acres

Solar panels power a portion of this chic Philippine island that comes with its own helipad. A two-story red brick villa looks out on a lovely sandy beach disappearing into the Pacific Ocean.

By Douglas Bair

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