The Best: Ryan McGinness' Artsy BlackLight Playing Cards for The Standard

An eye-popping deck for games of glow-in-the-dark poker.

Since Ryan McGinness' Women: The Blacklight Paintings Series premiered at Miami's Art Basel in December, the series has gained momentum with an installation at The Standard, New York in early March and two more to kick off May 16 on the West Coast. Both the hotel's Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles locations will have murals on display and various entertaining events planned through early June. For those who can't make it to L.A., McGinness offers his Blacklight Nudie Cards. A colorful deck if ever there was one, the set features work from the series on one side of each card and one of McGinness "black hole" paintings with standard playing card numbering on the other. We suggest you add a blacklight to your poker den for the full experience, so you'd better yourself some glow-in-the-dark chips.

Blacklight Nudie Cards by Ryan McGinness, $35, available The Standard's shops and online at

By Lynn Rickert

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