The Best: Chocolate Shops For Sweet-Toothed Connoisseurs

For foodies hunting for a sugar buzz, a guide to the best chocolate shops in the country.

Forget the Mars Bar in your office vending machine. Chocolate is undergoing some major changes (as highlighted in Details' guide to the American chocolate renaissance). Combinations of bold textures and unexpected flavors (peanut butter and chipotle peppers, anyone?) make for delicious coco bars—both sweet and savory. For the most cultured chocolate aficionados, we present a guide to the best shops in your neck of the woods.



Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co.__

312C N. Highland Avenue, 866-960-9449



Hotel Chocolat__

141A Newbury Street, 617-391-0513


__New York City

Borne Confections__

485 Park Avenue, 212-755-5150


The Meadow__

3731 N. Mississippi Avenue, 503-288-4633


__San Francisco


One Ferry Building, Shop No. 30, 415-826-2868

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