The Best Water Bottle for the Beach: Safe Summer Hydration

The goggles, fins, and snorkel you need to tame the blue.

Photograph by Eric Ray Davidson

Coming up with a safe and appropriate way to stay hydrated on the go has become a conundrum for the forward-thinking, health-minded man. We dropped the plastic water bottle once we learned about bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that messes with testosterone, slashes sperm count, and has recently been linked to weight gain (not to mention to cancer). So we switched to aluminum, until bottles manufactured by SIGG were found to have BPA in the lining, causing consumers to toss their collective hands in the air. Which leads us to the summer's hottest new carrier. It's made of … glass. You remember glass, don't you? And lest you worry about breakability, this new breed of bottle comes wrapped in a sturdy silicone sleeve (which also adds gripability). We recommend the Takeya (, pictured, and the Lifefactory (, both of which are equipped with wide mouths, making it easy to add ice—as opposed to, say, chemicals—to your summertime drink of choice.

—By Heather Hurlock

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