The Best: Whiskey Tumbler Made From Recycled Beer Bottles

Brew containers from the fridge upcycled into vintage-style glasses for your liquor cabinet.


We're far from eco-warriors here at Details—but whatever we can do to keep this little, blue marble we share clean is good with us. For instance, we're heavy into architectural salvage—you know, creating the best new spaces out of the best old fixtures. But if we're going to be in a bar made of upcycled materials drinking a fine whiskey, we need a glass to match. That's why we're thankful for the canny curators over at Selectism, who found this Depozit whiskey tumbler by Turkish designer Erdem Akan. As amber as a fine single-malt and, crucially, crafted from an old beer bottle, the Depozit captures the antique world of drawing-room tippling while giving second life to the refuse created by another night on the town. At $30 each from the MoMA store, why wouldn't you add a few these to your liquor cabinet?

Despozit tumbler, Erdem Akan, $30 each at the MoMA store,

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