No, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Won't Sell You Drugs

This "bad" boy dishes on his take-off career and what's coming next.


Photograph by Rodolfo Martinez/CPI Syndication.

The 31-year-old Idaho native's career took off in 2007 when he landed a recurring role on HBO's Big Love, following years of credits like Frat Boy No. 2 and Wasted Guy. Soon after came the star-making character that last year earned him an Emmy—and the attention of Hollywood's elite. "My meetings are a little more interesting now," he says.

Next, Paul will play a quadriplegic in Cripple, an indie movie from the producers of The Kids Are All Right that he wrapped before filming the fourth season of Breaking Bad, which premieres this Sunday, July 17. "I was probably in bed or a wheelchair for 80 percent of that film," he says. "It's nice to be running away from the bad guys again, you know?"

By David Walters

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