The Coffee-Table Book That'll Blow Your Mind

The career-spanning monograph "Yayoi Kusama" accompanies an upcoming retrospective of the artist's work at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Credit: Thomas Haar (Yayoi Kusama, Dots Obsession, at The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, 1996)

Yayoi Kusama is the most famous living female Japanese artist not named Yoko Ono (who has cited her influence). She's best known for trippy environments full of mirrors and dizzying patterns that allude to the psyche of their creator—who has resided, voluntarily, in a Tokyo mental hospital for the past 35 years. The career-spanning monograph Yayoi Kusama, which features more than 60 years of her work, accompanies an upcoming retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York. Out now.

—Jesse Ashlock, Articles Editor at Details

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