The DETAILS Weekly Culture Guide: Sludge Rock in Chicago, Sci-Fi Art, and Pyromaniac Love

Details-approved concerts, movies, art openings, and events coming at you in the next seven days.


On the subject of blistering rockers, the band that slowed down its wall-of-sound punk and accidentally helped create grunge, The Melvins will performing the same night at Chicago's Double Door.

For his "LARGER THAN LIFE" exhibition at New York's Eleanor Ettinger Gallery (opening Thurday), Michael De Brito will use massive figurative paintings, video installations, and a lifesize model of a kitchen to transport viewers from the art space to workday scenes of humanity .

Also opening on Thurday, Michelle Ceja, Brenna Murphy, Jon Rafman, and Artie Vierkant appear in an all-digital, sci-fi-inspired group show "Stone Sky Over Thingworld" at bitforms gallery in Manhattan.

Friday sees the premiere of one of our picks for best non-blockbuster movies of the summer, Submarine, in which a young lad attempts to lose is virginity to a pyromanic girl. Yeah, we've been there.

Also in theaters is Beginners by director Mike Mills. Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, and Inglourious Basterds' Mélanie Laurent star in the tale of a man whose father announces first that he is gay and then that he's dying of cancer. Double whammy.

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