The Short-Attention-Span Q&A: the Eternally Sassy Elaine Stritch

"Nobody tells me what to do at 88."

Photograph courtesy of Getty Images.

We spoke with the 88-year-old Broadway legend about the no-holds-barred documentary Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (out February 21).

DETAILS: You quit drinking in the eighties, but in the film you experiment with one drink a day. How's that going?

ELAINE STRITCH: I am sick and tired of everybody asking me how many drinks I have. I don't give a fuck what they think about one drink or no drinks or 12 drinks. Nobody tells me what to do at 88.

DETAILS: Before marrying your late husband, John Bay, you'd been connected to Kirk Douglas and Ben Gazzara.

ELAINE STRITCH: But see, I wasn't sleeping with these people. Oh, I can have a good time with someone without sleeping with them—hello! In my bunch, we had humor. I'd rather have a date with Woody Allen than Matt Pitt. No...Brad Pitt. Ha!

• • •

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