The 5 Best Barware Stores in the Country

Despite the cocktailmania that has seized the country of late, there's a surprising dearth of good, dedicated barware stores. We round up five of the best.

Photo: The Boston Shaker

Sick of sorting through mismatched shaker sets at the local kitchen-supply store? Coming up short trying replace a favorite broken jigger? Hunting for the Holy Grail of mixing spoons? We feel you. Despite the cocktailmania that has seized the country for the better part of the past decade, there's a surprising dearth of good, dedicated barware stores— kind that stock not only quality equipment but also cocktail books, rare bitters, glassware, and the kind of salespeople that won't blink if you ask for a vial of orange-flower water. We've looked high and low and rounded up the five best stores for home bartenders (and professionals) coast to coast.


The Boston Shaker

Look out for: the PUG! Handmade Jatoba Muddler

What with all the strawberries and cucumbers and orange peels and raspberries you'll be muddling this summer, get an expert tool that won't give you calluses and will last you a lifetime.

Los Angeles

Bar Keeper Silverlake

Look out for: Fee Brothers Falernum

The secret to that lime-ginger-clove flavor triumvirate in a good mai tai? This stuff. It's a tiki-drink game-changer.

New York

Cocktail Kingdom

Look out for: the Japanese Paddle Mixing Glass

Stir a Negroni in this gorgeous vessel once and you'll never be able to use a pint glass again.

San Francisco


Look out for: The Bon Vivant's Companion, or How to Mix Drinks

This 1862 classic from Professor Jerry Thomas, the "father of American mixology," belongs on every drink aficionado's shelf.

Washington, D.C.

The Hour

Look our for: the McKee Punch Bowl Set

Serve your Fish House Punch in this regal footed bowl and everyone will be too distracted to notice you forgot to use Jamaican rum.

— Ross, assistant editor at Details

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