The Best: The Indestructible Umbrella By Davek

A dual-canopy model that withstands the gustiest outings.


Courtesy of Davek New York

We all know that, no matter how luxe or fancy it is, all it takes is one determined gust of wind to turn any typical umbrella into a mess of metal and nylon. No such worries with Davek's Golf model, however. During testing in a wind tunnel at the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the 62-inch-wide, dual-canopy model withstood gale-force winds of 60 mph. That should keep you dry no matter the conditions all the way up to a major hurricane (and if you're jaunting about in the next Katrina, well, you've got other things to worry about.)

Davek "Golf" umbrella, $99, available at

Joel Weber

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