You'd Be More Likely to Travel By Trains If They Looked Like This

Amtrak, are you taking notes?

Images courtesy of JR East.

It's no secret that trains lost their sex appeal decades ago. But Japanese rail company JR East threw a middle finger to the status quo by tapping former automobile designer Ken Okuyama (the man behind some amazing Ferrari, Maserati, Pininfarina, and Porsche designs) to create an exclusive 34-passenger sleeper train with decidedly high-end furnishings.

The $50 million project is set to hit the road in Japan in the spring of 2017. The price per ticket hasn't been announced, but the low-capacity cruise train will be no mass transit affair. (By comparison, another Japanese rail company called JR Kyushu's wood-paneled Seven Stars train lets travelers aboard starting at $1,765—if their application to ride is accepted.)

A look inside JR East's upcoming mobile wonder, below.


Images courtesy of JR East.

As fun as the cramped communal plane restrooms are, we'd say this train one-ups air travel with its roomy private bathrooms and separate sleeping and living spaces.


Images courtesy of JR East.

The loft living space above the bedroom is perfect for getting work done en route to your destination, killing time with your tablet, or stretching out tortured legs.


Images courtesy of JR East.

Should you choose to leave your own plush set-up, the dining car boasts vaulted ceilings and a restaurant-worthy atmosphere.

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