The Missing Links: A Gorgeous New Monograph and Will Ferrell's Attempt to Make History

Invisible ink, a Joaquin/Letterman reunion, and the best of Craigslist—library sex edition.


Image courtesy of Powerhouse Books

Herbal tea just keeps getting healthier.

Help Will Ferrell break a world record.

British Intelligence experimented with "man-ink." You know, to keep those letters secret...

Joaquin reunites with Letterman: sans beard. presents the "Best of Craigslist: Library Sex."

Richard Phibbs photographs the athleticism of man and beast.

Jay-Z's new book, "Decoded," breaks down 36 of his songs.

If you haven't found a Halloween costume, try winning one of these True Blood items.

Smoked Salmon Vodka. Enough said.

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