The Missing Links: A Tie Knot for Fall and the Best Street Art

After the jump, a knot for wide collars, how to keep avocados fresh, and an underground romantic room.


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Details cover guy Joseph Gordon-Levitt is bringing his online creative collaboration to the live masses with a Fall Formal stage show. Get your tickets at

A tie knot to fill that wide collar.

Trespass: a new book on urban street art.

Keep your avocados fresh.

Photographers help find the hot spots for road kill.

Gypsy-punk band, Gogol Bordello debuts their new video on Boing Boing.

Get a romantic room below the surface of the Earth.

The tortoise and the Leo.

An Australian man will run 11 months, from the North to the South Pole.

Olivia Wilde is finally moving onto the big screen.

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