The Missing Links: Drinking Pills, Mad Men, and the Best of Prep

This week, tune in with the president, update your playlist, and play by the rules of prep.


Photograph courtesy of Disaffected Prep

When you tune in to the premiere of Mad Men Season 3 on July 25th, know that the president of our nation is doing the exact same thing.

If you want to do preppy, do it right. (That means read the directions.)

Ten songs you're sick of hearing at parties, but are still secretly tempted to play.

The "suite"-est seats across the country to watch your favorite baseball team.

Sweltering summer heat has us thinking...velvet?

These brand new drinking pills say, "I'm an alcoholic, but I drink responsibly."

What if the world's biggest blame game had no truth?

Step aside, Hemingway: There's a new classic in literature and style to consider.

See if you can crack the code of this necktie gone bad.

There's an art to cuffing your pants, and it's time to learn it—so follow the rules.

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