The Missing Links: Farmers' Tans, The Black Cobra, and the Dumbest Ad You've Ever Seen

This week, get crafty in the home, balance out your suntan, and find the cool in the heat.


Photograph courtesy of BoingBoing

Who needs a wine cellar when you can have wine barrel floors?

Liven up your home with this crafty technique—if you can focus.

Take a cue from the Mad Men crew with 10 of Valet's favorite casual looks from the show's first three seasons.

We don't really understand this art, but isn't that the point?

The perfect solution to a breathable summer necktie.

Where does this style come from and why won't it go away?

The beer that makes wine tasting seem boring.

Is the inanity of this advertisement the solution to gaining publicity? Could be.

Getting a farmers' tan is forgivable. Keeping it is not.

Be the man in your relationship, not the bitch.

Probably the only wristwatch that needs video instruction.

The battle between print and online media documented in one book.

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