The Missing Links: Iggy Pop, Men in Tights, and Summer Grooming

This week, go back to science class, wise up on summer skin care, and relish the madness of Nick Cage.

Truth is more boring than fiction.

Introducing the best invention of the Facebook Age: the Pre-Handshake Handshake, which lets you make contact without really touching anyone.

Turn your ex-wife's wedding dress into a pasta strainer.

The new Black Keys video features little kids singing and beating each other up.

Iggy Pop plays reporter in Interview magazine.

We have to ask: is Nicolas Cage the next Gary Busey?

As spring gives way to summer, you'll want to re-stock your medicine cabinet.

Owl City gets their shit handed to them.

Princess Leia stages an accordion battle in the subway.

And finally, Men in Tights: A Brief History.

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