The Missing Links: Porsche Monaco, Trailer Chic, and The Champagne of Beers

This week, look good in a short-sleeved oxford, show off your favorite brands, and road trip in luxury.

Photograph courtesy of Hodinkee

These oversize metal sculptures say, "Don't deny it. You love the brand name."

What do you get when you mix Southern-bred gentleman with Manhattan insurance broker? The Trad.

iPhone's latest app BarCards dares you to throw a bit of risk and (friendly) competition into your Saturday night.

Whoever said, "It's what's on the inside that counts" didn't consider the new Miller High Life.

Wedding season is upon us—don't embarrass yourself.

What do women really want? Test your knowledge with these stats.

The only thing more badass than being in the Porsche Club of America is owning the Monaco wristwatch that celebrates it.

Finally: the fashionable answer to the short-sleeved button-down.

Tried and True: All that time you wasted playing your favorite classic Tetris could be the time you don't spend when you're packing up for a big move.

Where trailer trash goes caravan cool: the best way to take your next road trip.

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