The Missing Links: Russell Brand, The Book of Awesome, and Sex and the City in Outer Space

This week, sharpen your gay-dar, tidy your trousers, and get lean with the green.

For Get Him to the Greek's Russell Brand, "The drug comes first, and fuck everything else."

Gay, you say? McDonald's is "lovin' it" in their latest French commercial.

Compare your idea of common sense with these Alabama candidates'.

Have your cake and eat it, too: Introducing your new summer favorite, the bacon-filled hot dog.

The Huffington Post gently reminds us of the simple pleasures in life in "The Book of Awesome."

Gawker shows us how to go from the D-list to The A-List: Gay reality TV. (How else?)

Bag the Sag: Time to ditch the slumping pants and get professional.

Want to beef up? Don't touch the meat.

Where Sex and the City and Star Wars actually do meet.

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