The Missing Links: The Best of the Web for April 16, 2010

This week, check out the house made out of 6 million bottles, learn how to build your own climbing wall, and meet the man who sought a tax break for his mustache. Much more after the jump.

It's a bus! It's a hotel! It's...Atypical Architecture!
All that Coke you've been drinking has totally gone to your ass...
...Or to this man's house, made from 6 million recycled bottles.
This new track from the National is more slow burn than summer jam—save it for a rainy day.
Before you prance around town thinking you're Buddy Holly, take those glasses for a test-spin at home.
Asylum asks, do the mustachioed among us deserve special treatment?
Lemondrop's [Redacted Guy] dumps his hot older girlfriend and relishes the single life.
This watch from Cool Hunting turns time-telling on its head, with a smart design and fresh colors.
Monkey around on your own climbing wall, a la Social Workout.
Hot Chip's cover of "She Wolf," straight from Stereogum, is faithful but funkified.

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