The Missing Links: Trompe L'oeil, Hand Jobs, and Cheap Sunglasses

After the jump, art for April Fool's Day, crashing Cannes, This American Infographic, and more.

As if to honor April Fool's, Cool Hunting spotlights an artist whose "Reverse Trompe L'oeil" style made ya look.

Lemondrop's [Redacted] Guy is back, full of newfound contentment, inner zen, and thoughts about hand jobs.

Sneak past the velvet ropes and crash Cannes with Jaunted.

Get shady and sport these Cheap Monday sunglasses, featured on Selectism.

A Suitable Wardrobe insists you buy your clothes—oxfords, oversized sweaters—for that girlfriend who looks so good in them.

This American Infographic shows you Ira Glass's world in pictures.

Dial G for Green—this rotary faucet from Inhabitat keeps your water usage in check.

There's more to Norway than Vikings and Socialism, or so says Buzzfeed.

Like a game of Truth or Dare, this new video from MGMT starts fun, gets weird quickly, and is still playing over and over in my head.

Believe in the kindness of strangers—and the power of Abe Lincoln—with a quick visit to fiverr.

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