The Missing Links: In-Flight Drinking, Preserving Your Old Mix Tapes, and the Original Hipster

After the jump, a new perspective on George Costanza, kitchenware that will brighten your day, and other goodies you may have missed this week.

Back when Bedford Avenue was just another subway station and the girls from today's American Apparel ads were still in junior high, there was George Costanza—the world's first hipster.

A hair-of-the-dog cocktail years in the making—and well worth the wait.

Keith Haring's bright, dynamic forms invade your kitchen.

Leave it to Shakespeare to make you feel like an asshole.

Do you want lox with that? Chicagoist steps up your kosher-deli game.

The Grace Tape converts old mix tapes into MP3s, so you can revisit those soul-crushing breakups on the go.

Stay polished with this comprehensive "shoe box," featured on Selectism.

Refinery 29 brings you the craziest Craigslist posts of all time.

Jaunted celebrates five airlines with in-flight beers that go the distance.

Next time you play Call of Duty, look for Martha Stewart—she'll be the sharp-shooter with the glue gun.

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