The Missing Links: The Best of the Web for February 12, 2010

This week: The best Superbowl moment you probably missed, hipster puppies, and the worst book titles of all time. Much more after the jump.

Urban Daddy would like you to meet Siri, the newest, creepiest PDA that does all but make you breakfast.

Show the bro in your life what he means to you, with a thoughtful Valenguys Day card from Buzzfeed.

This Moleskine wine journal from Mocoloco says, "I like to drink a lot, but I'm organized."

If a compost pile in the backyard is not your idea of green-chic, set up a savvy—and much less smelly—home recycling station, with instructions from re-nest.

Selectism puts a kick in your stride with the latest from London.

This titanium collar stay, spotted on Thrillist, is your new secret weapon.

Breaking news from Gothamist: beer is good for you.

This Superbowl photo, courtesy of MSNBC, pretty much speaks for itself.

Manofest brings you the Worst Book Titles of All Time.

Quit your day job—PhysOrg claims you might die of boredom.

These dogs wear Ray-Bans, quote Kerouac, and seem to think they're better than you.

Thanks to Huffington Post, you'll never fantasize about a naked woman in stilettos again.

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