The Missing Links: The Best of the Web for February 26, 2010

Snow got you down? Check out this cruise around the world, a Margarita Day recap, and a fashion week diary from Mr. Marc Jacobs.

Chicagoist invites you to try Nora, the new champagne of beers.

This French anti-smoking ad, found on Buzzfeed, will put a bad taste in your mouth.

Bring the outside in, with the latest design scheme from Apartment Therapy.

And our favorite president opens up a can of whup-ass on the undead in the bloody trailer to the book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Thrillist trades you cash for those weird, unused gift cards from Aunt Sylvia.

If watching snow fall from a fluorescent cubicle is wearing you down, let Jaunted plan your cruise around the world.

Mocoloco buries a power plant in your backyard.

The no-frills Butch Bakery eschews sprinkles for bacon bits and Red Dye #40 for whiskey infusions.

In case you missed National Margarita Day (on Monday), the Food Channel will get you ready for a reenactment.

Get Kempt remembers when movie posters were worth collecting.

Send your old laptop bag packing and cop this one—all leather and luxury—from Valet.

It was Grandpa, on the sidewalk, with an ice pick: Asylum takes you to the scene of the crime.

You've got your McDonald's t-shirt on, and you've already screamed at several locals in your native English—welcome to the Association of Asshole Travelers.

Meet Hierocles, the Jerry Seinfeld of the Byzantine Era.

Plus: A fashion week diary from Mr. Marc Jacobs.

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