The Missing Links: The Best of the Web for February 5, 2010

This week, we learn how to DJ at Coachella, meet the ketchup packet of our hopes and dreams, and venture into DIY design. Much more after the jump.

Jaunted can give you 30 minutes of fame--but you'll have to sweat for it.

In these boots spotted on Selectism, you're a woodsman and an urbanite all in one.

Warning: Mocoloco's sleek new bookcase-on-wheels could make you want to rearrange your furniture.

Keep that Daschund away from the gun rack: Asylum predicts an animal apocalypse. 

Reuse your booze with this DIY craft project from Apartment Therapy.

Watch Anthony Bourdain get his shit handed to him—by a 10-year-old-girl—in this satisfying Eater clip.

Funny or Die explains the origins of "That's what she said."

A football Saint stands up for gay rights—check out this Boston Globe article.

Defy the "grandpa" stigma with this unusually cool cardigan from Selectism.

Buzz Feed reports that the ketchup packet of our hopes and dreams has finally come to life.

Selleck. Waterfall. Sandwich. 'Nuff said.

Urban Daddy helps you get away with murder.

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