The Missing Links: The Best of the Web for March 12, 2010

Anthony Bourdain on Yo Gabba Gabba, a recipe for kim chee, and why we all need a Sassy gay friend.

If you're in San Francisco or New York this weekend, your plans should involve getting yourself a pair of these desert boots designed by Levi's for Opening Ceremony.

One brave breast-enthusiast steps up and speaks your mind.

Anthony Bourdain plays doctor on Go Yabba Yabba.

Romeo and Juliet could have ended happily, if Juliet had listened to her gay best friend.

Watch this Stereogum video of singing fifth-graders, and let your heart dissolve like polar ice caps.

Asylum wishes Chuck Norris "Happy 70th Birthday," gets ass kicked.

This week's DIY: kim chee, courtesy of Cool Hunting.

Cracked confronts the movie monsters you know and fear, and spits in their eyes.

The Price is Wrong: Videogum looks back on Bob Barker's creepiest moments.

When the conversation has reached an awkward standstill, it's time to share what you learned on the Bachelor Guy.

Unplggd upgrades your bathroom for the digital age.

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