The Missing Links: The Best of the Web for March 19, 2010

After the jump, the pickleback, sex scandal comebacks, and the best videos you missed this week.


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Gimme that Pickleback: your kosher deli standby hits the bar scene.

Before there was Sporcle, there was The Young Man's Book of Amusement—a Victorian bro's procrastination station.

Dwight Shrute shares office space with Lil Wayne in this weirdly brilliant mashup.

Stereogum brings you the noise, the funk, and the soul patch.

Flee the screaming babies that populate your airport-layover nightmare, and enter the Sleep Box.

Asylum sweats girls who text in complete sentences, and don't always laugh at your jokes.

This recipe from Serious Eats goes well with your pint of Guinness and St. Paddy's Day nostalgia.

Play the odds and pick a lock, with Thrillist's guide for amateur looters (or those of us who forget our combination...).

For the bacon-loving coffee drinker who has everything: Urban Daddy puts a kink in your morning routine.

Re-nest fights for your right to shower in peace.

Take a trip inside your closet, and down the rabbit hole, with Videogum.

Check out "Drag," a startling series of drag queen portraits, featured on Mocoloco.

And finally, in honor of Tiger's return, Bro Bible has the most notable sex scandal comeback stories.

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