The Missing Links: Acrylic Furniture, High Design Exercise, and the World's Oldest Whiskey

After the jump, a seasonally appropriate coffee table, a motivational time-waster, and everything you need to know about wine.

Spring has sprung, and your coffee table is dressing for the weather.

Sample the world's oldest whiskey with Thrillist.

This "hump day" time-waster, courtesy of Chicagoist, feels strangely motivational.

Just when you were beginning to understand the fairer sex... Meet the X-woman, a whole new species to decode.

This sleek exercise bike from Mocoloco is a win-win: ride it and look like a champ, or don't, and look like an art collector.

After vaporSky, roses will never be enough.

Lemondrop's [Redacted] Guy is stuck on an old flame, who's still a total smokeshow.

Suddenly you're a wine connoisseur, with this simple tip from the kitchn.

One brave Asylum soldier takes you through boot camp.

These dudes have denim down to a science.

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