The Missing Links: Whiskey, Werewolves, and Paula Deen

This week, strip your floors, design your own Nikes, and spend all your savings on a bag of dinosaur bones.

Nothing says "king of the castle" like a dinosaur skull mounted in your living room.

This news, by way of Videogum, is equal parts disturbing and hey-at-least-we're-not-talking-about-vampires.

Paula Deen's appearance on Jay Leno confirms it's better (and way funnier) with butter.

Think outside the shoebox; color inside the lines.

Lady Gaga gets her very own comic book character.

Your World-Cup-themed cocktail party just got way cooler.

Lemondrop's [Redacted] Guy has modest dreams: a quiet life, loyal friends, and non-awkward outdoor sex.

When Mocoloco's done with you, you'll be walking on whiskey.

Jack White will bro down with Obama and Sir Paul.

Dsseldorf: go for the mustard, stay for the one-man band.

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