The Most Bad-Ass Multipurpose Tool Ever, Ever

The "Crovel" laughs at your pitiful Swiss-Army Knife.


It's a big claim, but The Crovel can back it up. No mere Swiss-Army Knife, The Crovel is pretty much what it sounds like — a half-shovel, half-crowbar — with a few extras thrown in. On top of those two highly valued functionalities, this baby has a serrated edge that serves as a saw, a sharp edge for an axe or knife, a hammer, a loop to make it a grappling hook, and, yes, friends, a bottle opener — everything you need for a fun weekend of defending yourself against a zombie apocalypse. The makers claim that all these elements add up to a total of thirteen different tools. At 5.5 lbs, with a pretty boss handle, and a low, low cost of $85, we think it all adds up to the most-bad ass thing you could ever attach to your rucksack. Suddenly, without the Crovel, our troops in the field seem woefully under-equipped. Are you listening Defense Department? (Uncrate)

The Crovel, $85 at

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